4 Craft Beer Breweries You Should Know About

Camden Town Brewery

Founded in 2010 by the grand-son of an Australian brewer, Camden Town Brewery quickly became one of the biggest and most popular brewers in England. Named after the area of London that the founder lived in, and initially operated out of five rented Victorian railway arches underneath Kentish Town West, the brewery’s first released beer, Hells Lager, has now become a house-hold name.

Left Handed Giant

Left Handed Giant have been brewing delicious beers with aesthetically pleasing packaging in Bristol since 2015. With names like Cheeseburger Cavalry and Common Thief, their selection has become increasingly popular with locals, and they recently launched a crowdfunding page to help them expand and set up a brewpub in a different part of Bristol, something which the English brewing scene could always use more of.


Another of the larger and more well-known brewers in the United Kingdom, BrewDog has been operating since 2007, with their first bar having opened in 2010. The company have greatly expanded since then, with multiple sites across the UK, as well as further afield in places like Brazil, Italy and Finland. One thing BrewDog are known for is their efforts to release the strongest beer in the world. Their first attempt was in 2009 with their 32% ABV ‘Tactical Nuclear Penguin’, followed in 2010 with the 41% ABV ‘Sink the Bismark’, and then again in 2010 with the 55% freeze-distilled ‘The End of History’. Only twelve bottles of the latter were produced, with prices ranging from £500-£700.

Pressure Drop

Based in Tottenham, North London, Pressure Drop has been brewing since 2012, with their initial base of creation also serving as a garden shed. By the end of 2012, they had found an industrial unit in Stoke Newington to continue their work and, by the following year, had sold their first beer. Their capacity has recently quadrupled, so we can expect t hear a lot more from them, and very soon.